Our School

Carleton Heights PS

Our School

Carleton Heights is an active school within an established vibrant and caring community. In close proximity are the Carleton Heights Community Centre, the Carleton Heights Curling Club, the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club, and many retail and dining establishments. In addition, we share our building with the Andrew Fleck Child Care Centre which provides pre-school, kindergarten, before and after school care. The school opened in 1948 and we celebrated our 60th Anniversary in 2008. In September of 2010 our school was consolidated with McGregor Easson School which closed the previous June. We are now a bustling school of nearly 280 students with a very talented staff that is committed to ensuring a positive and respectful learning environment is maintained at all times. We enjoy and celebrate the diversity within our school community and continuously seek ways to strengthen our connections outside the school. Student success is our most important focus at Carleton Heights and we offer many opportunities for our students to reach high levels of achievement in all areas of school life. We encourage our students to become informed citizens who are willing to contribute to their school and community. In 2012, Carleton Heights P.S. was fortunate enough to open two Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) classes.
These two classes are equipped with newly refurbished classrooms and new teaching and learning resources. Our students benefit from the close partnership that we have with the Andrew Fleck Child Care Service (formerly the Carleton Heights Child Care Centre) who offer our school community an extended day of stimulating before and after school care. In June 2013, our school moved out of our building and is being temporarily housed in our satellite campus at the former Parkwood Hills PS site at 60 Tiverton Drive. This move has afforded our staff and students the opportunity to continue with great teaching and learning while our building undergoes a significant upgrade. We fully anticipate that we will be able to move back into the 1660 Prince of Wales site well in advance of the start of the September 2014 school year.As our Middle French Immersion program fully matures in preparation for a June 2015 graduation of the first cohort of students, our young learners will have the fortunate opportunity to attend a freshly upgraded building that has undergone over $3,000,000 in enhancements.

Our Students

Our total enrolment in September, 2017 was 433 students who speak approximately 28 different languages at home other than English. Our students come from over 26 different countries and bring a rich cultural and linguistic diversity to our school. Most of our grade 8 students will attend Brookfield High School when they enter grade 9.

Our Staff

Carleton Heights has a passionate and committed staff of 22 teachers, 2 early childhood educators, 4 educational assistants and 2 part time library technicians. Our excellent administrative and support staff includes a full time office administrator, a .50 office assistant, a full time day custodian, and full and part time evening custodians. Our staff includes teachers with qualifications in Special Education and ESL, as well as Primary, Junior, and Intermediate certification. Through their commitment to professional learning, the Carleton Heights’ staff continuously seeks new ways to improve their knowledge of teaching and learning in order to provide enriching and meaningful opportunities for our students. Our staff is full of great ideas, energy, and makes a full commitment to ensure student success.

Our Community

The Carleton Heights School Council is a group of volunteer members of the school community including parents/guardians, teaching staff, representatives of the Child Care Centre and community members. Our local trustee also frequently attends council meetings to ensure the school community is well versed with the District Board’s direction or policies. The School Council supports the school by being a communication link to parents for the benefit of our students. Whenever possible, the School Council participates in fund raising activities to enhance the educational experiences of our students. Additionally, they host information sessions for parents and provide a resource library with books and information on nutrition, parenting and special education issues specifically for the use of parents. The School Council has a registered non-profit status for the purpose of financial donations (any and all amounts are welcomed).

Mission Statement

Carleton Heights Public School will empower every student to attain a level of academic excellence as determined by the provincial expectations, regardless of previous academic success, ethno cultural origin, socio-economic status, or gender while fostering positive cognitive, physical, emotional and social growth to enable each child to become a committed, socially responsible, and productive member of the community.

Facilities and Resources

Our staff and students have welcomed and embraced the use of technology in the classroom as a tool to support and enhance learning. With some financial assistance from our CHPS School Council, we have purchased &/or received seven iPads for student use in the classroom. The move to our satellite campus has given us the opportunity to acquire two mobile labs on wheels - charging carts with 25 laptop computers each. This hardware, along with our iPads and the student’s mobile devices, give the students constant access to our Wi-Fi to use to appropriately augment and enhance their learning.
Our professional library and bookroom is a highly used area for all staff. The Ottawa Public Library’s Bookmobile also visits our school on a weekly basis serving both the school and community. Computers are found in each classroom and in our fully-equipped lab with Internet access. The lab has been upgraded over the past two years and easily meets the needs of students at all grade levels. We have three SMART boards in the school as well as a smaller iRover which is easily transported from class to class.
Our spacious gymnasium was painted in the summer of 2011 and is used for many purposes by various community groups outside of school hours. In the fall of 2010, our Music Room was expanded in a complete renovation that has made the room a beautiful teaching and learning area for our students and staff.
We also renovated our upstairs Family Studies Room with the result being the creation of a new classroom and a smaller but more functional kitchen area, which is used on a regular basis by our Community Living Program. The playground area in the rear of the school was recently resurfaced adding to the outdoor experience for our children. The Andrew Fleck Child Care Services Agency is also located in our building and offers morning, day, and after-school programs. The Child Care Agency works in partnership with the school toprovide excellent care for many of our students.

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

  • Regular English with Core French JK-8
  • Middle French Immersion starting in Gr. 4
  • Instrumental music 6, 7, and 8
  • Recorder program for grades 4-5
  • Music instruction for all students in grades 1-3
  • Full arts program for intermediate students

Classroom Organization

  • Primary: JK/SK, Gr.1, Gr. 2, Gr. 3
  • Junior: 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 4MFI, 5MFI, 6MFI
  • Intermediate: 7, 8

Special Education and ESL Programs

  • Learning Resource Teacher
  • Learning Support Teacher
  • English as a Second Language, Stages 1 – 4
  • Learning Disabilities Class (Junior/Intermediate)
  • Developmentally Disabled Class (Community Living)

Clubs and Activities

The school has a strong sports program which involves both intra-mural and extra-curricular opportunities for students. Intramurals and open gym occur on a regular basis for intermediate students particularly during the winter months. Primary/Junior intramurals are organized by staff members with assistance from Intermediate students interested in leadership. Staff organizes various clubs and activities based on their own interest and availability.
Primary/Junior: Soccer, cross-country running, and track and field; student book club,
Intermediate: Soccer, flag football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, and track and field
Throughout the year, clubs and groups that meet include:
  • Elite Concert Band
  • Open Gym
  • Chess
  • Art Club
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Leadership Team

Safe Schools Initiatives

Code of Behaviour
Our school’s code of behaviour has been updated to reflect many recommendations from Ron Morrish’s “With All Due Respect” and current Ministry legislation. It is published in our student’s agenda and referred to on a regular basis.
Other Safe School Initiatives:
Carleton Heights embraces the OCDSB’s Community of Character initiative. We continue our focus on Character Education with monthly school-wide themes that are discussed in class and assemblies. We have also responded to changes to the Provincial Safe Schools legislation and proactively address issues related to bullying. All students have information in their daily planners and focused in-class discussions on bullying prevention. A school-wide approach to discipline encourages consistency and support for all students and staff. We provide a cross-divisional supervision schedule which benefits both staff and students. We also receive support from the School Resource Officer program through presentations and in-class visits on a regular basis. We utilize expertise from the community (SRO, City of Ottawa Health Nurse, Youth Services Bureau, Algonquin College) to provide additional support for students and staff. We also enjoy the presence of several high-school co-op students who support our students and programs while making valuable contributions to our school. Our school also benefits from the presence of our Multicultural Liaison Officers who provides family and student support one day a week at the school.
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